Roland Albrecht / Hotel Dajti revisited

Roland Albrecht
Hotel Dajti revisited, Paper sculptures, each 1m high, 2009

roland albrecht
Roland Albrecht gives new life to German tourists who visited Hotel Dajti during the Socialist period. For the duration of the exhibition feedback 1989, they are »revived«and acommodated there there once again as paper puppets. The artist gives them a voice – they are telling their stories and why they could travel to Tirana. The line balancing between fiction and nonfiction is kept blurry. One of those persons is Sepp Mayer, born in 1946 in Tettnang, South Germany. In 1969, he joined the Maoist party of Sweden. He was a great admirer of Karl May and wanted to visit all the places that the writer mentioned in his novels. He could only travel to Albania (the Schut, Teufelsschlucht) as a member of a Communist delegation. In this room of Hotel Dajti he spent his first and very passionate night with his later wife Tiana. Today both live happily in Goteborg, Sweden. They have three children.

Roland Albrecht
Born in 1950 in Memmingen, Germany
Apprenticeship for anesthetic male nurse, Apprenticeship
for photography with Ann-Christin Jansson and
Sigurd Wendland
since 2000 Director of the »Museum der Unerhörten
Dinge«, Berlin
Selected exhibitions (since 2000)
2009 10000046rh Birthday of Art 17.1. dedicated to
Georg Brecht ››› 18w Portraits of young women, Galerie
18m, Berlin ››› Yesterday or in the 2nd floor? Karl Valentin,
humor and art since 1948, Stadtmuseum München ›››
questa vidua VI, Festival for music and performative
arts, Weesow 2008 10000046rh Birthday of Art 17.1. ›››
Conversations sous les tilleuls. A city project (Bosch
foundation) ››› All my paper puppets. An approach to
biography. Kröte, Wendland 2007 home is where my
dirt is. A hoover painting ››› of senses and love. +
Josefine Günschel ››› Sound Bar. Soundinstallation ›››
Edelweiß. Natuurlijk Museum, Amsterdam 2006
Historical intervention, Memmingen ››› Me, the striker,
Galerie 18m, Berlin ››› Of Time, Cultural Outings, Kröte
2005 52 fish for K.-J., photographs, morbid collection,
Berlin 2004 cinemas in Eastern and Central Europe,
photographs, Kino Krokodil ››› On the Road. Still,
Drosendorf, Austria 2003 steps up and down,
Marburg 2002 harehunting. Kulturhaus Pankow,
Berlin 2001 14. Stuttgarter Filmwinter ››› View, Video,
FahrradBüro, Berlin ››› Drawings, Galerie Stella-A, Berlin
2000 collecting, WerkBund Archiv, Berlin ››› Naked
appearance. Galerie Stella-A, Berlin


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