Petrit Kumi / Retrospective

Petrit Kumi
Retrospektive, photographs, various dimensions

petrit kumi
The photographer Petrit Kumi presents a retrospective of his artistic photography. After World War II, this young ambitious man began to follow the path of art and specifically of photography, later becoming one of the most renowned photojournalists in Albania. Photography, the passion that has accompanied him throughout his life, continues to be an indispensable part of his life to this day. One part of his oeuvre, which spans 50 years, will be made available to the Albanian public for the first time. Scenes from everyday life, landscapes, life in cities and villages, artistic and cultural life, sports, politics, and many other areas that have passed before the lens of this artist, appear to take us back in time. In these photographs, one notices a sense of optimism and a desire for development and progress, a type of translation of the ideology of socialist realism — which Kumi could not have avoided in the system to which he belonged and by which he had to abide. Petrit Kumi has an archive of thousands of negatives, part of which has now been digitised, thus creating an important archive of his personal work, which documents the history of the Albanian people
over the last 50 years.

Petrit Kumi
Born in 1930 in Elbasan, Albania.
Lives and works in Tirana, Albania.
1944–45 High school in Elbasan (which he suspended
because of the Second World War) 1960–64 Art High
School in Tirana, Professor Buza 1950–60 Illustrator
for the magazine »Friendship« and the supplement
»The soviet worker« 1960- Photo reporter for »ATSH«
(Albanian News Agency) 1963–87 Photo reporter for
the magazine »Star« 1966 Internship at the Chinese
News Agency in Beijing China 1985–90 Director of
the Albanian News Agency 1990 until today- Owner
of the first private photo studio and agency in Albania
Participated in many exhibitions in
different countries: Albania, Kosovo, Italy, Serbia,
France, Turkey, USA, China, ect.
1960 First prize in »Moscow World Sport Photo
Exhibition«, Russia 1969 Prize for young photographers
Belgrade, Serbia 1972 Winner of the
National Photo Exhibition, Tirana 1989 Order »Naim
Frashri«, Title »Artist of Honour«, Albania 2005 Prize
»Anton Mazreku« for Photo Sport Reporter, Albania
1961 Photo Album »Albania«
1967-1969 Photo Album »Albanian Women«
1974 Photo Album »Poem for Albanian Women«


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